International Conference «Energy Efficient City» June 14 – 16, Odesa



International Conference

«Energy Efficient City»

June 14 – 16, Odesa




Cities and population centers consume about 40% of fuel and energy resources (FER) and are basic infrastructure object, providing human livelihoods. The most important sectors of urban infrastructure are residential, public and commercial buildings, heat supply, cooling, water supply, waste water, transport, street lighting and solid waste management.

The city can be not only a consumer, but a FER producer. The renewable energy, waste heat energy, the use of human and production waste, the sanitary cleaning of green spaces in the complex could provide the municipal energy independence by carrying out energy modernisation of buildings and urban engineering systems.

FER consumption, as an essential condition of human livelihoods, is a source of environmental pollution. Energy efficiency and implementation of the principle “waste to energy” are the means of addressing the issue.


The purpose of the Conference is integrated consideration of urban infrastructure as a component of energy and environmental system, requiring energy efficient modernization.



  • Association of Energy Engineers Ukraine;
  • Gas Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
  • ARNICA-Center L.L.P.

With assistance of the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project in Ukraine.


Thematic sections

  • Municipal energy planning. Energy audit. Energy management;
  • Practice of thermal modernization of residential and public buildings;
  • Elaboration of optimized heat supply schemes for cities;
  • Utilization of municipal and industrial waste with the purpose to produce energy;
  • The use of geographic information systems to optimize urban infrastructure;
  • City-platform for the production and use of solar energy;
  • Energy efficient urban transport;
  • Energy efficient street lighting.


At the same time, ХXVII International Conference “Problems of Ecology and Energy Facilities Operation” will be held in the frameworks of SMART ENERGY PLATFORM 2017.

June 14, 2017, the Opening ceremony and the Plenary meeting will be held with the participation of heads of relevant ministries, agencies and parliamentary committees. Informal Dinner will also be held. Participants of all events have free access to work in sections and the possibility of informal communication.

Conference location:

Black Sea Hotel Park Shevchenko

Marazlievskaya Street 1/20, Odessa, Ukraine


Cost of participation:

The registration fee for each participant is 3600 UAH (including organizational expenses, conference materials, coffee breaks, lunches and participation in the gala dinner).

Accompanying persons can participate in the gala dinner, the cost is 900 UAH.


Accommodation and transport:

Please note that the Conference participants are responsible for their travel to the place of holding the Conference and hotel costs.


Recommended hotels (please contact the Organizing Committee):


Black Sea Hotel Park Shevchenko, Marazlievskaya Street 1/20, Odesa, Ukraine, (Booking rooms in this hotel by the Organizing Committee is valid when the registration fee payment not later 12.05.2017) hotel web-site:


Geneva Park Hotel, Osypova Str. 5, Odesa, Ukraine, hotel web-site: (booking of rooms for Conference participants is available not later 01.06.2017).


Metro Hotel Apartments, Pushkinskaya Str. 12, Odesa, Ukraine; hotel web-site: (booking of rooms for Conference participants is available not later 01.06.2017).


Odesskiy Dvorik Hotel, Uspenskaya Str. 19, Odesa, Ukraine; hotel web-site:


You may register to participate in the Conference not later 15.05.2017 on


Presentations in Power Point format are submitted by e-mail not later 05.06.2017 inclusive.


For participation in the Conference please contact the Organizing Committee.


Contacts: Association of Energy Engineers Ukraine.

Secretary of the Organizing Committee: Minchuk Olena, phone: +380503521169, e-mail:


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